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What is it ?

P-Block from Global Medics is an extremely powerful doping-free mixture of herbs to support and relieve the locomotor system of horses that are ready for a top performance.

The soothing action on heavily loaded joints, tendons and muscles is recognised everywhere by riders performing internationally.

While the joint supplements from Global Medics (Arti-Sport, Arti-Gold) provide continuous support for the locomotor system, P-Block increases the comfort of the locomotor system even more on competition days due to its powerful, relieving effect on the horse’s body.

This leads to a clear improvement in performance.

How is P-Block used?

P-Block is administered orally the evening before and 3 to 4 hours before the veterinary inspection or competition. It is ingested readily owing to the apple flavour in it and is available both in powder form and in paste form. On competition days P-Block forms the ideal combination with Lacta-Fort (against fatigue and muscle acidification).


P-Block contains very high concentrations of many herbal extracts that are known for their strong soothing effect on the locomotor system (joints, tendons, muscles): Boswellia serrata, Salix alba, Ribes nigrum, Urtica dioica, Zingiber officinale Roscoe, Curcuma longa, Ananas comosus, Filipendula ulmaria, Humulus lupulus and Viola tricolor.

P-Block also contains MSM (anti-oxidant action) and glucosamine (a nutrient for the joint cartilage). P-Block is guaranteed to be doping-free and therefore can be administered without any problems on competition days!

Package Contents :

Powder : 10 x 30 gr

Paste : 6x 60 gr

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